Autism and Related Services

Brighter Stronger Foundation’s Autism and Related Services are for school age children up to 21 years of age, who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The program services work directly with the child and their family to support the development of skills to live, play and socialize with increased independence at home and in their communities.

Autism and Related Services program offers the following services:

  • Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS)- A maximum of 25 hours per week of in home and community support services
  • Respite Services- Allow caregivers and child a break from daily routines and structure. Providing the child with a safe and stress free environment.
  • Family Training- 40 hours of services per calendar year to assist with families identifying short and long term goals that will serve the child at home, in the community and for future living and vocational opportunities.
  • Therapeutic Integration Program (After School Program)- A maximum of four hours of after school care in a structured setting with peers.
  • Adult Life Planning- A maximum of 15 hours per calendar year to assist youth and family with transition from childhood to the adult system by identifying what services are available and exploring how to access the most appropriate supports.

All services are provided through the Maryland Autism Wavier Program. Private pay is accepted.