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  1. Tanesha Mayo, LCSW-C says:

    In forming a partnership with this organization, I have found their services to be exceptional in responding to the specific needs of individuals receiving mental health and behavioral services. Their one-to one psychiatric support and group therapy have enhanced the lives of clients referred to their program. This organization and its staff consistently demonstrate a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and take the extra step of meeting the community where they are. Brighter, Stronger Foundation’s grassroots approach and presence in the community sets them apart from any other PRP agency in the Baltimore area.
    I would highly recommend any entity seeking to enhance the lives of youth and adults struggling with mental health issues to utilize the services offered by the Brighter, Stronger Foundation.

  2. Eartha Fitzhugh, LGSW -Referring Therapist says:

    Ms. Crawford’s services have been exceptionally honored. My client has been able to improve her communication/social skills with her peers and parents and myself, due to the hard work and effort that Ms. Crawford has put into ensuring that my client followed through on the specific treatment plan goals that were implemented in collaboration with both the BSF Intake Coordinator and therapist.

    Client’s school grades have improved tremendously due to the onsite BSF tutorial sessions Ms. Crawford facilitated. Overall, my client’s mental health well-being has improved through the therapeutic partnership of a working relationship between therapy and quality PRP services.

  3. Current Parent of a Youth PRP Client says:

    Great service for my daughter. Increased her self-esteem with social groups. My daughter’s grades improved where she is now an honor student and is looking forward to High School already. I like the consistency and the quality services where my child feels like she has someone to look up to.

  4. S. Lawson- Former Parent of an Autism and Related Services Client says:

    I would like to give a sincere THANKS from my heart to the Brighter, Stronger Foundation!! You all have truly been a blessing to me and my Hardy!! Thanks so very, very much!

  5. P. T- Former Adult PRP Client says:

    This organization has been a great impact on my life in many ways. The program definitely encouraged me to be a productive member of society despite my mental and physical disabilities.
    I am a young African American male that has a mental illness and a physical disability and my life really gets frustrating and disappointing at times. I have done a lot of things that caused me to lose focus on what a happy fulfilling life is supposed to be. It nevertheless didn’t help to medicate myself with street drugs and alcohol because that only made things worse. After a few times in jail and numerous stays in psychiatric hospitals something clicked that I wasn’t living the life I was happy with. I don’t like to be locked up under any circumstances. I must go on to say that it got to the point where I tried to take my life, that’s how unhappy and depressed I was, I needed change.
    Once again, I must say that Brighter, Stronger Foundation played a big part in me having a better positive outlook on myself and at life period…
    The program took me on and supported me in more ways than I can think of. The program has taught me to pay attention to me and what’s going on inside and out because everything plays an important part to me staying as happy as I can be. They taught me tools to use to help change my thinking at that time and taught me that taking my medication is the most vital part of my illness. Eating well balanced meals will help me stabilize my mental health symptoms. I can go on and on and on about all the things I learned through being a part of Brighter, Stronger Foundation but I am going to end with this. Through all of my mental health treatment this agency has an awesome staff and they truly cared about me and that was very very important. Truthfully, my life had been feeling like I was in a grey ugly fog until I became part of Brighter, Stronger Foundation. So if you are anything like me, give yourself a break and look to Brighter, Stronger Foundation to help you live a healthy productive independent life. Thanks BSF!!

  6. Therapeutic Referral Agency says:

    It has been my honor and privilege to work with Brighter, Stronger Foundation since before its launch in 2010. I had the opportunity to watch its founders, Tyeisha Bright-Jones, LCPC and Monica Strong, MSW craft a vision for the agency that would speak to many of the unaddressed issues of children, adults, families and the elderly mired in complex mental health and psychosocial challenges. I then watched as Ms. Jones and Ms. Strong constructed and steered that agency with core values centered on excellence, quality, family and person-centeredness and accessibility, to its current place as one of the most respected and trusted community-based service providers in the area.

    Brighter, Stronger Foundation’s well established reputation in the community and proven processes for engaging and servicing clients would be invaluable to any entity BSF leadership has a keen awareness of the specific needs and issues of clients residing within the catchment area of Baltimore and surrounding counties. This appreciation and understanding of client needs and circumstances is trained into staff and is an integral part of service provision as well as the numerous positive outcomes the agency has achieved.

  7. Current PRP Adult Client says:

    My coordinator has assisted me with gaining more self-esteem and being able to talk for myself. I like the fact that I was paired with someone who really gets me. I can call her just about any time and she will answer. She always meets me when we schedule appointments and always has a smile on her face like nothing is bothering her. She recently came to my aid when I didn’t even ask her to. I was feeling really down and out and she took time just to talk to me as if we were friends. She shows that she cares about me and that I am not just a number. She is great! I would definitely tell anyone about the services because I have been helped more than what I can say.

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