Many of us don’t realize how stress impacts our behavior. Anxiety and stress can manifest in how we feel, respond to others, and how we feel about ourselves. In times of uncertainty, it helps to pay special attention to how we process stress in unexpected ways, and how to channel that energy to serve us better.
Our mission at Brighter, Stronger Foundation is to empower people from all walks of life to lead independent, fulfilling lives. We’re here to support you, and we are still working hard to ensure our community is safe, supported, and healthy.

How Stress Affects You and What to Do About It

Have you ever felt cranky and got upset over something small, and then realized it was j...

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Children with autism or developmental disabilities often struggle with any disruption in their normal routine. With schools closed and some essential services discontinued, it’s important to keep kids informed and calm about what’s going on.

Brighter, Stronger Foundation is dedicated to serving families and individuals with behavioral health needs. Learn 5 ways for parents to talk to their children about COVID-19 -- or any major disruption -- to minimize stress on your family.

Talking to Children with Autism About COVID-19

1. Be Clear

Kids need to know what’s going on in language they can understand. Instead of keeping them in the dark, tell them what is going on. Some langua...

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Adult life planning is overwhelming for parents in many ways -- your child is growing up and ready to spread their wings, but so many details are up in the air. Transitioning from high school to adult services takes an emotional toll, but there are other legal and financial considerations, too.

Brighter, Stronger Foundation is a behavioral health service provider serving Baltimore, Maryland and its surrounding counties. We provide services to children and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities to help them achieve their full potential. Learn our 4 things to know about adult life planning.

1. Think About the Big Picture

When thinking about what the future holds for your child, first ...

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